Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I give you $60m for this site?
    Sure, why not.
  2. Do you have an iPhone version of this site?
    Why yes, it's available at
  3. Why isn't there a set of proper questions here?
    Because I've not fully created this page yet. Har!
  4. Get on with it then you s***!
    That wasn't a question :-(


  1. How do I upload my web cam to the site?
    Your web cam image is not uploaded to the site but rather to your own web site, or web space.
    Don't worry if you do not have a web site of your own, chances are that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers a small amount of web space, which will be sufficient enough to host your web cam image.
  2. What software should I use?
    We have a listing of programs which we would recommend using on our software pages.


  1. OMG ASL?
    Sod off.

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